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Americans lead the world in medical research and standard of living. But we are far from the head of the line when it comes to life expectancy and health. Good health starts with lifestyle and nutrition. When we build healthy habits into our life, it becomes easier to follow a plan of healthy living. The more often we choose the healthy alternative, the easier it becomes to continue. Even small changes can make a big difference. Here’s what you need to know about your health.

Nutrition for Healthy Living

Nutrition is important for healthy living. Do you eat impulsively on the run? Do you choose fast food, snacks or whatever is close at hand? When it comes to nutrition, we as a nation tend to grab onto one nutrition fad as a cure-all. Remember the the low-fat fad that, in practice, replaced the fats in packaged goods with lots of sugar? Next we focused on foods that contain trans-fats. And, meanwhile, the high-protein diet plans became popular. All the time we ignored the bigger picture. For total nutrition, choose meals in the Mediterranean style, with vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains and lean meat. Good oils come from nuts, seeds, olive oil and fish. Avoid processed foods that contain chemical additives and artificial sweeteners. Keep your portions small, too. Overeating contributes to early mortality.

Hydration for Healthy Living

A gallon of water every day is the ideal target for you. Part of your water requirement will be provided by soups, fresh vegetables and beverages, so a gallon of water a day is a reasonable goal. Muscle cramps are often a sign of inadequate hydration.

Exercise Is Part of the Healthy Lifestyle

Regular daily exercise, no matter what kind, improves all your metabolic functions. Become more active, move more, and burn more of those calories that are otherwise destined to become fat cells. Just get started moving. A short walk is better than no walk at all. Regular, moderate exercise is the key to fitness. Exercise, along with a healthy diet, also helps you control your weight. Include some aerobic exercise to build the heart and lungs, some weight-bearing exercise to build muscle, and some fun activities to keep you motivated.

Supplements are Part of a Healthy Life

Ideally, your meals should provide all the nutrition you need. But that is seldom the case. A daily multi-vitamin will ensure that you are getting the minimum required vitamins and minerals. A fish oil capsule or a flax seed oil capsule provides the valuable omega-3 fatty acids you need. Omega-3’s are helpful in reducing cholesterol, improving brain function, and preventing heart disease, to mention just a few of their benefits. Folic acid is important for cell function and for preventing birth defects and heart disease.

Mental Health

Important as it is in a healthy life, mental health doesn’t get a lot of attention in our society. Nutrition is one of the factors in mood and mental health, as is substance abuse. Regular exercise rewards you with a sense of pleasure and calm. For healthy living, reduce the stress in your life. Build warm relationships with other people. Stay in touch with friends and family. Find a way to participate in society and stay useful. If you become anxious or depressed, ask for help right away. I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.